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Exeter Environmental provides a broad range of hydrogeological and environmental assessment services, including:

Oversight of Insurance Claims

Exeter Environmental has been investigating environmental insurance claims since 1990. Our primary client is The Andover Companies, comprising both Merrimack Mutual and Cambridge Mutual insurance companies. Past clients have included Arbella, Safety and Providence Mutual Insurance.

Hydrogeologic Investigations

Hydrogeologic investigations are typically performed to determine groundwater quality and groundwater flow characteristics. They are required by state and local regulatory authorities in order to protect groundwater supplies.

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) are typically conducted prior to a real estate transfer. The goal of any ESA is to determine if a property has been contaminated with petroleum products or hazardous wastes.

LSP Services & Remedial Oversight

A Licensed Site Professional (LSP) is a cleanup professional licensed by the state of Massachusetts to oversee any investigation or cleanup that may be required to address contamination. Exeter Environmental has been providing LSP services since 1996, and Mr. Steven Shope is a LSP in the state of Massachusetts.

Underground Tank Closures & Documentation

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), are the most common method of storing petroleum products in the United States. Many UST facility owners first become involved with the state and federal pollution regulations at the time of UST closure or upgrading.

Massachusetts LSP Services

Licensed Site Professional


High Quality, Expedient Investigations

We provide a broad range of hydrogeological and environmental assessment services to private industry, insurance companies, land protection agencies, financial institutions, environmental consultants, and the government.

We offer many advantages. Foremost is a commitment to providing high-quality and expedient investigations. Our reports are tailored to each client, with the understanding that they must be understood by the lay person.

Environmental Site Assessment

We specialize in the investigation of soil and groundwater contamination problems. Our expertise is in the identification of potential environmental problems that may threaten the security of a loan or expose the buyer, insurer, or lender to extensive liabilities.

Recommendations are formulated from a perspective of Risk Assessment. Is there oil or regulated materials present on the property? If so, do the levels present a threat to either human health or the environment? Are the regulatory agencies likely to require remedial action? If a liability is present, special focus is given to determining how the problem may be managed, so that business may proceed.

Groundwater Impact Studies

We have considerable experience in assessing potential impacts from underground storage tank facilities, releases of gasoline and fuel oil, commercial and industrial facilities, gravel mining operations, and sanitary landfills.

This experience is enhanced by our close association with state regulatory officials, as well as local engineering firms.

Aerial Photography

Exeter Environmental offers close-up aerial photography with our DJI quadcopter.  We use the service to create site plans and perform aerial reconnaissance for easement monitoring and environmental surveys.  Past clients have included towns who have used the aerial photography to prepare emergency response plans and businesses who require photographs of their buildings.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Steve Shope

President | LSP, PG

Steve founded Exeter Environmental in 1990.  With a background in hydrogeology, he has been conducting environmental site assessments for real estate transactions, managing oil spill cleanups and conducting groundwater investigations.  Despite a bicycle accident that has left him paralyzed from the chest down since 2013, Steve loves his job and continues to work in a power wheelchair.

Steve is a Maine Certified Geologist, a New Hampshire Licensed Professional Geologist, a NH Licensed Monitoring Well Driller, and a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional.

Julie Shope

CEO | Environmental Engineer

Julie is an environmental engineer with Exeter Environmental.  Her areas of expertise include environmental engineering and environmental chemistry.  Since 1993, Julie has worked on projects including petroleum cleanups, environmental site assessments, hydrogeologic investigations, remedial investigations and underground storage tank closure studies.

Julie earned a Master of Science degree in civil engineering from the University of New Hampshire in 1990 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from the University of Vermont in 1985.


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